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5 Innovative commercial bathroom design trends for a post-pandemic world

by Martin Straus, April 1st 2021


Commercial bathroom design has come a long way in the last few years, moving from fluorescent lighting and basic fittings to a more elevated overall aesthetic. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen the boundaries of design pushed even further, with a slew of trends that prioritise hygiene and maintenance, resulting in a safer more productive environment.

According to a study by Bradley Corp, 64% of respondents choose businesses based on how well they clean and maintain their bathrooms - making it clear that hygiene and maintenance are important factors to consider when designing a commercial bathroom.

Depending on your client’s taste and preferences, there is a myriad of directions you can take your design, opting for a minimalist flair, industrial touches or even a spa-like feel. No matter which you choose, here are a few trends that are transcending style to deliver a safer experience and become the new standard for the bathroom of the future.

Antibacterial Surfaces


of people choose businesses based on how well they clean and maintain their bathroom

More people than ever are looking for ways to make their commercial bathrooms safer and more hygienic. One of the most effective ways to accomplish that goal is to use the right materials for your surfaces.

Choose homogeneous materials that are non-porous or have anti-bacterial properties:

  • Copper, titanium and their alloys have proven anti-microbial properties and can be used in handles, faucets and even sinks. Noken and Sinkology are good sources for inspiration.

  • Cork also has promising antibacterial properties, and it’s water-resistant. Many companies use it to make floors like
 APC Cork.

  • Ceramics that have been enhanced with antibacterial coatings can help fight off germs and have self-cleaning and anti-odour properties. Active Ceramics and Panaria are both great examples.

You can also choose to coat your client’s surfaces with products 
like Protect+ or BioCote to protect them against bacteria, mould and fungi.


Enhanced ventilation

Having a proper ventilation system in place has always been important, and it has become even more vital since the start of the pandemic. It is a useful way to diminish the rate of airborne infections and make your client’s commercial bathroom a safer space.

According to Joe Allen, Director of Harvard's Healthy Buildings Programme: 


“Improving ventilation that moves dirty indoor air outside is one of the best ways to safeguard against a contaminated restroom. Bathrooms should have exhaust fans that are constantly running.”

Help your clients protect themselves, their customers and their employees with strategically placed ventilation fans and windows to keep the air as pure as possible.

Add distance and structure

In many cases, it will be up to architects and designers to create visually appealing spaces that are optimal for social distancing and encourage safe practices. Here are a few tips to consider in your next commercial bathroom design:

  • Place stalls and urinals further apart to enable social distancing.

  • Create separate exit and entry points to diminish traffic, avoid interactions and achieve a more efficient flow.

  • Consider placing your sinks in the centre of the room to avoid people piling up against one wall.

  • Add floor-to-ceiling partitions with ventilation fans to decrease toilet plume.


Smart devices (IoT)

Business owners and property managers are increasingly relying on IoT technology to streamline facility operations, and commercial bathrooms are no exception. Here are a few solutions that can help you deliver a next-level experience:

  • Smart lighting solutions can help you save energy, track usage, and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Smart toilets can clean themselves, and many come with automatic lids to reduce toilet plume.

  • Sensors can be used to track occupancy and how often the bathroom was cleaned.

  • Availability indicators (e.g. red vs green lights) can let people know if the bathroom is free without them entering or having to knock.


Touchless technologies

Touchless technologies are a great way to modernise a commercial bathroom while making it safer, more cost-efficient and easier to maintain. Here a few examples of technologies that help you accomplish that goal.

  • Automated doors like the ones from Action Auto Door use sensors to reduce the spread of germs through doorknobs.

  • Automated dispensers for soap, paper towels and toilet paper can also help reduce the spread of germs, track usage and make maintenance easier.

  • Sensors can be used to track occupancy and how often the bathroom was cleaned.

  • Smart faucets like the Intellimix from Ideal Standard deliver state-of-the-art design, along with cost-effectiveness, sustainability, increased hygiene and safety. 

A new standard,
for the “next normal”

In today’s post-pandemic landscape, hygiene is one of the most important ways to keep people safe, healthy and thriving - and traditional taps are no longer doing the job. 


Intellimix has set a new standard, helping employees and customers prepare for the next normal and redefining the way we think about hygiene. It’s also an effective way to make your commercial space or new design project greener, more sophisticated and more cost-effective.


Want to know more about why Intellimix is your top choice to deliver a safer, better and more convenient washroom experience.
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