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Where innovation meets intuition.

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Our technologists work tirelessly to push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to design, engineering, and invention.

Add to this our deep knowledge of users’ needs and behaviour, and you have a solution that not only works, but works for everybody.

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Intellimix® automatically delivers water and soap when a user puts their hands under the tap. The screen then explains what is happening, and how to follow the wash cycle.

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A periodic hygiene flush is triggered automatically after a set time, rinsing the pipes to safeguard against bacteria growth.


Soap washes

Intellimix® Mild Antibacterial Foam Soap is automatically dispensed as part of the washing cycle. This ensures better hand hygiene with every wash.

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A separate water tube ensures there is no contact between the water and the brass body of the tap – keeping the water nickel and lead free, in line with drinking water regulations. The small diameter let’s the water flow faster – preventing the build-up of bacteria.


The new standard in office hygiene.

Save up to 66% on hand hygiene while also increasing back to work readiness.

Free tap and soap for 3 months. Speak to an expert today.

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Designed for better

Intellimix® saves hours of work, especially in larger buildings with multiple washrooms. EasyFix® enables effortless installation, saving time and money on the initial set up. Plus, with no more dripping soap dispensers, Intellimix® means reduced cleaning time and costs.

Intellimix® mixes soap with air to create a soft foam that is not only pleasant on the skin, but is also economical. The soap volume can be adjusted via the App to give total control to the owner and so they can monitor how much is used. The soap is dispensed from a long life pump that has a tested lifespan of over 500.000 cycles.

Intellimix® uses 85% less water when compared with standard single lever taps, when following the washing cycle recommended by the WHO.

The 2l/min flow limiter and programmable water flow timing bring significant cost savings as the table below shows.

See how Intellimix improves hygiene

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A soap with a difference

Tried & Tested

Vegan and cruelty free; no fragrance, colourants, EO/PEG, sulphates or microplastics; 100% naturally derived surfactants for a gentle hand-wash.

A Unique Formula

Intellimix® Mild Antibacterial Foam Soap is our own formula created to ensure perfect hygiene while being gentle to even the most delicate skin.

Next generation sustainability



of people don’t use soap or not enough water, enabling germs to spread more easily.


​International studies prove that correct hand hygiene reduces the number of people who get sick with illnesses or viruses by 31%.


of the most common diseases are transmitted by touch.

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Manage resources effortlessly

Intellimix® App

Intellimix® makes controlling resources simple with its bespoke app for Android and iOS. You can adjust parameters such as soap settings and the handwash cycle to meet changing needs, and control the frequency of the automatic hygiene flush.

You can also monitor performance and receive alerts when supplies are low – all helping to make significant savings on water and soap.

Learn how Intellimix reduces cost

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Clean hands, clean design

Intellimix® uses its digital screen to share clear instructions, so users understand how to use the tap and get the best experience. It can also be programmed to show your logo.


Download the Intellimix brochure

Get to know all about Intellimix by downloading our latest product brochure.


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