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by Martin Straus, April 1st 2021

What are your employee's biggest concerns coming back to the office?

With COVID-19 lockdowns lifting worldwide, bringing employees safely back to the workplace is a top priority for management teams everywhere. 
To achieve this goal, companies are adapting quickly and making the necessary changes to keep their employees healthy, focused and productive.

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by Martin Straus, April 1st 2021

Intellimix, setting the new standard for the bathroom of the future.

For over 100 years, Ideal Standard has worked with scientists, architects and designers to create the most innovative hygiene solutions on the market - and their latest creation fits right in with that legacy.

The new Intellimix smart tab is setting the standard in hygiene solutions for commercial bathrooms.


by Martin Straus, April 1st 2021

5 Innovative commercial bathroom design trends for a post-pandemic world

Commercial bathroom design has come a long way in the last few years, moving from fluorescent lighting and basic fittings to a more elevated overall aesthetic. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen the boundaries of design pushed even further, with a slew of trends that prioritize hygiene and maintenance, resulting in a safer more productive environment


Sustainability is more than a box to tick.
It’s a promise to keep.

Intelimix makes sustainability a priority.
Using less water and soap for effective sustainable resources management.

With smarter soap use, fewer chemicals make their way into the water supply and the cost and impact of cleaning is reduced.

Significant water savings, along with the option to switch to cold water,
hand washing mean sustainability isn’t just a buzzword it’s a reality.

Free tap and installation for 3 months. No obligations.

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